avowing sailer and
– time and again – ambitious jogger

Dr. Udo Kreggenfeld

Date of birth: 1962,
avowing sailer and – time and again – ambitious jogger

Studied economics, linguistics and education – two state examinations.
Received his doctorate from the Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg.

Instructor at Bremen college.
Seminary languages: German and English.

Ancillary courses in:

  • Psychology of Communication – under Prof. Dr. Schulz von Thun

  • Moderation and moderation of large groups – with Neuland and Partner and
Dr. Matthias zur Bonsen

  • „Souling“ – under Martin Siems

  • Person-centered counseling ("GwG") – under 
Dr. Eckardt and Elisa Ruschmann

  • Gender Specific Communication – under Jürgen Christian and Alwin Graf

  • Systemic Intervention – under Eberhard Stahl

  • Systemic Consulting under Prof. Dr. Fritz B. Simon

  • Systemic Group Dynamics under Prof. Dr. Simon and Prof. Dr. Wimmer

  • MBTI (MyersBriggsTypenIndikator) – certification for Step I and Step II

  • Team Management Profile according to Magerison-McCann – accredited

  • Sensitivity-Training – Person und Gruppe bei Prof. Dr. Olaf Geramanis

  • Ausbildung zum Online-Coach bei Prof. Dr. Harald Geißler

Dr. Kreggenfeld is on the move as consultant, trainer and coach above all in Leadership and Management Development as well as accompanying participants and organisations in processes to develop new strategies and initiate changes. In Germany and Europe for industry, business, public institutions and for the services branches. Coaching executives since 1997, many years of working at the executive level for the Communications Academy Hamburg (KAH), for Cicero-Training and for Neuland+ Partner, a well-known author of reference books and articles. Since 2000 specialization in Executive training in the Art of Presentations and Negotiating.