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Talent is a good thing

but it alone isn't sufficient

If you ask noble-prize winners what their greatest accomplishment was, they often respond by saying „10% was inspiration and 90% transpiration“ - in other words the result of plain hard work.

We'll only make you sweat mentally, we want to practice with you as much as possible.

In training sessions suited to your individual needs you'll experience a goal-oriented mixture consisting of variety, in-put, experimenting and specific work on cases from your professional experience. As much theory as necessary, as much practice as possible.

Coaching is about improving one's, groups' or the whole organization's ability to establish more clarity, to increase your options of what to do and your coping skills. Working together as partners we find out how you can best reach your goals and values under the conditions you work in. With methods that are best suited for you and with tips that you can implement immediately.

We offer you the opportunity to work with personality profiles such as MBTI (MyersBriggsTypenIndikator), that has been used highly successfully world-wide. In this way we can open up possibilities for giving you feedback in addition to the very personal responses.

In addition to MBTI we can also increase the effectiveness of team-coaching sessions and team development by applying Team-Management Profile by Magerison-Mc Cann. With this similarly sound and pragmatic approach we can quickly find the strongest lever for improving and assuring performance and spirits (atmosphere?/ morale?)

We'd welcome the opportunity to talk to you personally in order to clarify how you could make the best use of these resources.

These are our fields of competence , in which we can support you to make sure that your work is done professionally and successfully. Ideally with less transpiration and more inspiration.

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